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Banski Starcheta

Group Bansko starcheta impress the audience and demonstrates the important role of country music in the world map. "Wretched Youth" and "Rasti bore" songs are forever in the hearts of men.

Leader of the folklore group - Atanas Yanchovichin

banski starcheta


Amateur in library "Vaptsarov"

Men folk group.


A in 1969 to store unique singing men of the town. Manager and leader of the songs is George Gyumov. He inherited from his father Athanas Gyumov, one of the founders of the famous Matsureva group secret bathing doubles songs. "Pirin Mountain," "Grow bore", "Wretched Youth" and others. have become a trademark of Bansko and sounded in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Spain, Greece, Macedonia and others.


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”Women folk group "Glaznenski napevi".


The group was founded in 1975. Manager and leader of the songs is Nadejda Hadzhilaskova.Unikal voices carry music in their songs Glazne.


Women folk group


Head - Yordanka Chorbadzhiyska / Yordanka Kehayova /. Appears in 1978 to sing folk songs.Laureat over 100 of the International Folklore Festival "Music Night" - Ljubljana, Slovenia, IFF, Bitola, Macedonia, IFF-gram. Alcantara, Spain and others.


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Men's folklore group "Star Merak"

Presence Group said in 1989, led Boris Hadjipopov. Longing and love for Bansko song connects young and old - they brought many awards from festivals and fairs.


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Ensemble authentic folklore of Bansko

With his first play "De gidi selo komitsko" removed in the summer of 2009 in the library lounge, said his ensemble enthusiastically prisatvie, combining folk Forces library "Vaptsarov" in songs, dances, words and colors. Yet it is to spread the fame of Bansko Bulgaria and around the world.


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Youth band "Atmosphere"„


The band was founded in 2009. Under the leadership of Julia Ruskova group continues a tradition interrupted.Playing songs in the style of pop, rock and metal and satisfy aesthetic needs of the youth in Bansko.


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Composition for dances "Pirin mood"

Managers - Desislava Bahanova and Raina Aseva. The composition of the tradition to preserve and develop the Bansko dance, wearing a very youthful spirit and beauty.

Children's Folk Orchestra with soloists "Banska youth".


With lots of love, Father George Kasapinov give way to musical talent and performed continuity folklore of the town.


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Zurna orchestra.


Director is George Kasapinov. Young Svirtsi have unusual mood of this kind and enrich the holidays mezika the city.


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Group, Dimitar Kasapinova - Youth Folklore Group.

The group was founded in 2004, runs January Dimitar Kasapinov. They sing a cappella and with accompaniment of traditional musical instruments.

Women folk group


Director Yordanka Markova. They live in Bansko, but bear in their hearts and sing songs of their native land ...


Youth Theatre Studio

Jubilee was born in 2009 to give new life to one of the oldest amateur activities - theater. Author debuts with a performance of George Yunchov Bansko

"Love and drugs, drugs and death ...". The reading scene young actors addressed a message to their peers to reject the temptations of drug abuse.

Cheerleaders Silvana Handjiyska

Manages January Silvana Handjiyska. Beautiful girls bring great grace and humor, they become an integral part of the biggest holidays of the town.

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