гр. Банско, ул. "Глазне" №75
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гр. Банско, ул. "Глазне" №75
0886 281 551; 0896 833 990; 0887 417 645
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Taverns in Bansko

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LOCATION: On the ring road leading to the cabin lift, at the corner of Street Gotse Delchev and Glazne St.

Pets: NO

Number of seats: 150

Summer garden: YES

BACKGROUND: The road to the cabin lift Be sure to visit the tavern "VALEVITSATA, located on the first floor of 130 years of house - cultural monument. This is one of the real bath taverns. Furnished in authentic style bathing suit calling it will dive into the spirit and tradition of Bansko. Besides unique and authentic atmosphere here you will find as rich menu of traditional dishes bath, and very professionally prepared variety of delicious dishes of masters - chefs, in combination with them will enjoy the choice of wines and drinks. In the tavern "VALEVITSATA" offered more than 100 species of dishes
- Bulgarian national dishes and predyastiya
- Specialties
- Sweets

Mehanat to have a summer garden - barbecue.

Music: Live Band.
Visit the tavern "VALEVITSATA" to enjoy the hospitality, tradition and unique, combined with the authentic atmosphere of broadcasting centennial architecture of the house.

KITCHEN: Bathroom specialties, barbecue, selected wines and branded drinks

Receives visitors: Yearly

Facilities: Parking, garden

LOCATION: On the crossing of Glazne St. and Street Gotse Delchev - on the road to the cabin lift.

Address: 75 Glazne Str., Bansko

Phone: +359 886 281 551; +359 896 833 990; +359 887 417 645


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