ул. „Пирин“ 58, Банско
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ул. „Пирин“ 58, Банско
0896 839 630, 0899 988 844
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Mehana Voivodata is situated on Pirin Str in Bansko. Traditional Bansko mehana with stylish and at the same time authentic design. The spacious halls and great summer garden guarantee an unforgettable experience to anyone who visited. The traditional Bansko cuisine accompanied with classy drinks will make you come back again and again.

The mehana has: garden, furnace, BBQ

Cuisine: Bansko specialties on coal and furnace, traditional Bulgarian cuisine, BBQ and boutique wines.


Address: 58 Pirin Str, Bansko

Phone: +359 896 839 630, +359 899 988 844

Web: www.mehanabansko.com/voivodata


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