гр. Банско, ул. "Пирин" № 84
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гр. Банско, ул. "Пирин" № 84
0895 888 009
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Taverns in Bansko

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LOCATION: The tavern is situated in - attractive part of St. Pirin of 200 meters from the church

Pets: NO

Seats: 150 + summer garden

Summer garden: YES

BACKGROUND: In centuries of Bansko, central Pirin street near the x-l "Guards" is a charming restaurant, located in a house with more than 100-year history and traditions. Tavern "Dedo Yonkata" I met with my lovely garden loggia and authentic bathing in the warm days, with both hot room with fireplace, which can fit over 100 guests.

Music: Live Band.

KITCHEN: The kitchen includes typical swimsuit specialties in the old home recipes:
* Banska kapama in original recipe
* Kathy relish
* Chomlek
* Haydushki on specialty ceramic sach (with lamb, pork and chicken meat, pudding, bathing old, mushrooms, tomato, etc.).
* Kavarma on tile in the bath (with pudding)
* Dishes of pork from the embers of charcoal: haydushka sword and other surprises
* Banska chow grill
* Bansko plateau meat asorti - 2 kilograms (juicy pork, tender lamb, chicken fillets, bathing pudding, bathing black pudding, etc.).
* Lamb kapama (with potatoes and thick yogurt)
* Lamb roast in oven with fresh mint, garnished with dzhurkan spinach, thick yogurt and garlic
* Lamb of ginger - many
* Also chicken, veal .....
* Game surprises: Zaek in pumpkin (shpikovan and stewed in onion, in order of the day before)
* Fish specialties
* According to the preliminary application - roast pig, lamb and others.

Receives visitors: Yearly

: Parking, garden, credit and debit cards


Address: Bansko, 84 Pirin Str.

Phone: 0895 888 009

WEBSITE: www.dedoyonkata.com


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